5 Benefits To Cutting The Cable Cord Besides Saving Money

There are many obvious benefits when you cut the cable cord. Here are 5 of the other key benefits to cutting the cable cord beyond saving money and leaving the cable company behind.

Annual Negotiation

One of the things we hear most often from people is how they are at the end of the term of their current cable contract and that they have had to endure hours on the phone or at retail outlet trying to negotiate with multiple departments to try and secure the same deal they had before or something better. In the end most of the time this story ends with a price increase.

I’ve been a cord cutter for nearly 6 years now and I haven’t had to make a call like that in all that time.

Because all of the streaming services I use are month to month low cost self serve subscriptions with no contract I don’t need to call anyone ever to negotiate.  I know exactly what each service costs me per month and I can walk away anytime. This includes my internet service.

Self Serve

The other big advantage of cutting the cable cord is the ability to manage all my various streaming subscriptions on my own at any time of the day. I can log into any of my accounts on a variety of devices day or night and turn my subscription on or off. Again no need to sit on hold on the phone waiting to talk to someone from the cable company.

Large Library

Recently a friend of mine who still uses cable was complaining about the fact that the on demand service of his cable provider was missing all the seasons of a show he wanted to watch. People who have used any kind of streaming service like Netflix have become use to the idea of having access to a huge library of content on demand and commercial free.

However cable will never be like this. Their business model is live tv and channel bundles. So as consumers behaviours slowly shift due to usage of existing streaming services it’s another great reminder why cables technology continues to become out dated. If you truly want access to full seasons of your favourite shows then streaming is the way to go. No need to set a PVR timer instead all of your shows are available at any time to watch.

TV Everywhere

If you have used any streaming service you know you can access them from anywhere on any device. Being able to watch TV content from your smart TV, streaming device, computer, tablet or cell phone means you can access all of your content from anywhere. Traditional cable is trying to play catch up with this technology with recent offerings saying they can do this but in reality they are not even close to this technology.    

Sharing the Load

Many people are already sharing a Netflix account with friends and/or family members. The great thing with any of the streaming services is you can do the same thing. This is another great way to save even more money. You can share the cost of several streaming services over two or three households and have access to the same huge library.

If you are thinking about cutting the cable cord then set up your free phone consultation with us today and we’ll answer all the questions you have.

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