Watching TV Commercial Free

One of the biggest benefits of cutting the cable cord and using a variety of streaming services is getting to watch what I want and never seeing a commercial.


A lot of people coming from cable ask us about PVR'ing their shows for the simple reason of being able to fast forward through commercial breaks.   

Streaming has leap frogged this need. A vast majority of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Now, Showtime, Starz, Epix, FilmStruck, Shudder, BritBox, CraveTV & others are already being completely commercial free because they are paid subscription services.  

Other services like Hulu and CBS All Access have commercial free subscription options. As someone who has subscribed to both at various times they are worth the price.

Even many of the individual streaming apps for some of the bigger channels that I use on occasion to watch shows I like on demand (History, A&E, Bravo, CBC, AMC, FX, BBC, PBS) have places where clearly commercials are supposed to go but rarely do I see any. 

One of the odd experiences when you watch TV mostly on demand is you realize how much time is wasted on a show based around commercial breaks. Recaps of what happened in the last episode, what happened before the commercial break and title screens. You notice this especially when you watch two or three episodes of a show in a row when you go on a binge watching session. Again this is mostly with shows that were produced for traditional ad supported network television.

The only place I really still get commercials is when I'm watching any kind of live sports because most sports broadcasts have been built around the commercial break. I would pay more for a service if I could watch an NHL game without any commercials live, but that might be to much to ask at this point.

There are many reasons to love being a cord cutter. Saving money, having access to more content, never having to deal with anyone from the cable company, being able to watch TV anytime on any device. Seeing very few commercials is just an added bonus.

This is one of the reasons we love teaching people how to be cord cutters.