So what is cordcutting?

Cordcutting or the act of cutting the cord is the broad concept of getting rid of your traditional cable service and getting your content through a variety of alternative methods.    

Illustration by Ben Mounsey

Illustration by Ben Mounsey

The first thing to understand is that everyone approaches this differently and there are a variety of options.

Some people completely cut the cable cord and get rid of their traditional cable and rely solely on other sources. These are people that we refer to as cordcutters.

There are also people who are classified as cord shavers. These are people who may still subscribe to a slimed down version of traditional cable. As an example this could be just simple basic cable service. They also will often subscribe to a variety of streaming services (Netflix, YouTube etc).

There is also a generation of people growing up who are classified as cord nevers. These are people who have never had traditional cable and have solely relied on streaming. Many people have children who live with them who fit this classification.

The second thing to understand is that the options for cordcutters continue to evolve and change as the technology evolves and becomes more mainstream. As such we continue to help our clients after the initial setup. 

You can approach it whatever way you want. We're not here to tell you which category you should fall into, we're just here to help you with the initial transition and to provide gudiance.

Our goal with our clients is simple, help you watch what you want to watch without having to deal with the cable company ever again.